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Based on extensive research by healthcare agile experts, we are sharing a set of research papers and articles that highlight the benefits of Agile Methodology in transforming Healthcare industry.

Design, implement, and diffuse scalable and sustainable solutions for dementia care

July 2021

Most innovations developed to reduce the burden of Alzheimer disease and other related dementias (ADRD) are difficult to implement, diffuse, and scale. National experts identified four factors that contribute to our limited ability to implement and diffuse of evidence-based services and interventions for people living with ADRD.

Agile Innovation to transform healthcare: innovating in complex adaptive systems is an everyday process, not a light bulb event

January 2021

We developed the process of Agile Innovation as an approach any complex adaptive organisation can adopt to achieve rapid, systematic, customer-centered development and testing of innovative interventions.

The value of an 'Agile' mindset in times of crisis

May 2020

How do we make organizational decisions, amid pandemics and other crises, when constant change and uncertainty obliterate the status quo? These trying times call for an “Agile” mindset.

Optimizing the Medical Discovery to Delivery Translational Cycle - Invited Perspective

September 2019

The authors examined the challenges associated with current healthcare policy and reimbursement models and suggest that suggest the success of collaborative care requires cooperation and buy-in across the spectrum of players, providers, regulators, patients, and their caregivers.

Critical Care Recovery Center: a model of agile implementation in intensive care unit (ICU) survivors

August 2019

We describe how the first ICU survivor clinic in the United States, the Critical Care Recovery Center (CCRC), was designed to address PICS using the principles of Agile Implementation (AI).

Developing the Agile Implementation Playbook for Integrating Evidence-Based Health Care Services Into Clinical Practice

April 2019

To guide the implementation of evidence-based health care services at their institution, the authors used a number of behavioral theories and frameworks to develop the Agile Implementation (AI) Playbook, which was finalized in 2015.

Using the agile implementation model to reduce central line–associated Blood stream infections

September 2018

In this article, we
describe the agile implementation methodology and present details of how it was successfully used to reduce CLABSI.

State of Science: Bridging the Science-Practice Gap in Aging, Dementia and Mental Health

April 2018

We describe agile implementation as a strategy to facilitate the speed and scale of diffusion in the setting of complex adaptive systems, social networks, and dynamic macro environments.

Selecting a change and evaluating its impact on the performance of a complex adaptive health care delivery system

May 2010

We explore the role of the “reflective adaptive process” in developing delivery interventions and suggest different evaluation methodologies to study the impact of such interventions on the performance of the entire system.