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Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize healthcare by rapidly accelerating the time it takes organizations to implement and scale proven solutions across their locations and markets.

The Blue Agilis Way

Deep dive into the pain to understand the root of the problem

Getting to the root of a problem is hard. But it doesn't have to be. With Blue Agilis' proprietary methodology, clear the clutter from the noise and laser focus your team on solving the right problems every time.

Run guided agile sprints to localize the solution for your unique environment

Let Blue Agilis guide you through an easy-to-use strategy implementer that takes already available evidence-based solutions to help you design and implement sprints with increased success rates.

Autogenerate minimal standard operating procedures (MSOP) to accelerate speed to scale

Take the pain out of scaling with Blue Agilis. Our standard communication tool allows clients to see increased speed to scale of up to 5x. No more miscommunication and lost organizational learnings.

Science behind the magic

Our solution is backed by over a decade of experience. Our experts have applied our tools and methodologies across 2,200 practice settings. We have improved quality and health outcomes for patients, and in certain populations, their caregivers as well. In addition to sustained quality improvements, our experts have generated over $1B worth of savings to payers.

We are making a difference

Enhancing and scaling leaders
Improving and sustaining quality metrics
Creating a culture of
Improve scaling through localization
Reduce unnecessary utilization

Our Leadership

Nadia Adams, MHA
Chief Executive Officer
Malaz Boustani, MD, MPH
Chief Scientific Officer
Jose Azar, MD
Chief Engagement Officer
Shubham Jain
VP of Product Engineering
Qing Li
VP of Commercial Strategy and Innovation

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We work with process improvement leaders who are passionate about making healthcare run more efficiently, effectively, and with less patient harm. Before partnering with leaders of Blue Agilis, one organization tackled over 1000 problems through rapid improvement events (REI) within 3 years. However, upon further investigation, it was discovered that only 2% of those REIs made sustainable improvements after 6 months. Processes were optimized but there was no reduction in harm.

At Blue Agilis, we are committed to solving the problem and sustaining improvements. Through our agile sprint structure, change leaders experiment with a range of solutions and continuously iterate to make sure improvements are sustained. Our platform focuses your team on high value opportunities by providing a data sensor feedback loop that indicates not only when you are doing well but is also designed to allow you to shut down failed results quickly.

Read more about how our solution supports your leaders in proactive transformation. (Coming Soon)

According to the CDC, on any given day 1 of 31 patients get at least one healthcare-associated infection (HAI).

For a partnering organization, even though traditional improvement practices were deployed, they were still challenged by the rise in central line infections. Unique patient environments outside of the standard models for infection prevention created scenarios that created unintended consequences even though compliance was high.

After working with the leaders of Blue Agilis to approach the problem through the Agile framework, the standard of care was adjusted to reflect the patient population and care team composition. They saw a >70% reduction in HAIs and 20% decrease in inpatient mortality. 

Read more about this organization’s journey with wound care solutions. (Coming Soon)

“Planning without me is plotting” has become synonymous with healthcare improvement projects.

Here at Blue Agilis, we recognize that your clinician teams are made up of humans, not machines. By providing insights into what motivates each team member, we involve clinicians from the beginning and design solutions that fit the unique profiles of your team.

In one example, care teams were encouraged to provide peer accountability and encouraged peer-to-peer feedback. By taking the time to understand these clinician’s motivational factors, this organization increased hand hygiene from 60% to >95% and has been able to sustain high compliance over the past 3 years. 

Read more about how Blue Agilis can help your clinicians build sustainable relationships and quarterback their all-star teams to be at the leading edge of innovation. (coming soon)

We believe that successful implementation requires an understanding of the unique characteristics of your organization and complementing the great work that you are already doing with an approach that is personalized and localized to you.

In one example, successes were rapidly scaled through 2,000 physician practices. This scaling was achieved by first capturing a collection of success stories, highlighting the key minimum specs of what made those solutions work, and then helping teams with similar problems adjust the solutions to make them feasible to implement in their unique environments.

This agile approach resulted in approximately $1B in cost saving for CMS over 4 years with sustained results since the initiation of the project in 2015.

Read more about how minimum standard operating procedures can be the key to scaling your successes. (coming soon) 

As outpatient providers are forced to take on risk and enter into alternative payment environments, many physicians are struggling to transform their practice and reduce unnecessary utilization to stay afloat. 

For a five-state coalition network in the Midwest, we enabled practice transformation leaders to reduce unnecessary utilization by 30%. Via agile sprints, leaders experimented with a variety of solutions, from expanded hours to services to nurse call lines to virtual care coordination. Proven successful solutions were then localized and implemented according to the unique needs of each individual practice.

Learn more about how the Blue Agilis platform can increase your chances of success by guiding you through your agile sprints, tracking your successes, and sharing your wins. (coming soon)


Nadia is driven by the challenge of eliminating preventable medical errors and deaths. This has led her to pursue a career dedicated towards transforming healthcare into a consumer-driven system that delivers better value for all patients.

Nadia’s previous role as COO at the Center for Health Innovation and Implementation Science at Indiana University School of Medicine provided the opportunity to engage with 2,000 physician practices and 15,000 providers in Agile Science and Methodology. 

Taking her expertise in Agile Science to Continuum Health, Partners in Care, and Consensus Health, Nadia served as SVP of Population Health & Care Innovation and led transformation initiatives aimed to improve quality, enhance patient experience, and lower cost of care.

She was named as one of the Women of Influence honorees for the Indianapolis Business Journal in 2016, as well as one of the top 40 leaders under 40 in Indianapolis, and one of the top 60 Rising National Healthcare Leaders Under 40 by Becker’s Healthcare.

Malaz Boustani

As the Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Boustani has extensive experience in developing, evaluating, implementing, and disseminating healthcare innovations. Founding the Center for Health Innovation and Implementation Science at Indiana University and serving as the Chief Innovation and Implementation Officer, Dr. Boustani is starting a revolution aimed to change the way we innovate in healthcare. 

His recent book, Agile Implementation, co-authored by the Chief Engagement Officer of Blue Agilis, Dr. Jose Azar, details the underlying theories and frameworks that explain health delivery systems and lays out the 8 steps of the Agile Implementation Model.

In addition to his extensive experience in innovation, Dr. Boustani has published 160+ peer-reviewed publications in the areas of brain health, delirium, dementia, and other geriatric and neuroscience topics. His Aging Brain Care model in primary care has become the standard of brain care across the world.

Jose Azar

Dr. Azar has over 20 years of experience and expertise in oncology treatment. Dr. Azar’s passion for transforming healthcare into a highly reliable learning system led him to co-found the Center for Healthcare Innovation and Implementation Science. Through his leadership, the recently published book, Agile Implementation, details the underlying theories and frameworks that explain health delivery systems and lays out the 8 steps of the Agile Implementation Model. 

As the Chief Quality and Patient Safety Officer at Indiana University Health, Dr. Azar utilized Agile Science with his teams to improve the quality of care and reduce unintentional harm in the hospital setting. This initiative has led to reductions in Hospital Acquired Infections, Venous Thromboembolic Events, length of stay, and readmission rates.

As the Chief Engagement Officer of Blue Agilis, Dr. Azar focuses on applying behavioral science to solve healthcare’s toughest problems.

Shubham Jain

Shubham has deep expertise in client server architectures, digital design and development, cloud computing, big data technologies, user experience frameworks and IT infrastructure.  

Shubham is an Engineering undergraduate with a Masters in Business Operations and he holds many esteemed certifications in both technology and business. He has worked for companies like Mckinsey & Company and Tata Group in management consulting and played critical parts in achieving breakthrough business impacts both on the top line and bottom line for clients in various industries.

Qing Li

As VP of Commercial Strategy and Innovation, Qing provides thought leadership in the areas of market strategies, business development, and product innovation. Qing’s entrepreneurial spirit is fueled by opportunities to push the envelope of what is possible. With 10 years of experience in healthcare operations research and technology innovation, Qing specializes in connecting the dots for executive leaders by providing a systems perspective on solving complex challenges.

Through her undergraduate studies at MIT and research with the MIT Lean Advancement Initiative, Qing has peer-reviewed publications in healthcare enterprise performance with a focus on improving quality of care through human system integration. She started her career in process improvement at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Emory Healthcare, and US Veterans Affairs. 

Previously leading the Market Insights team at AVIA Health Innovation, Qing advised executive clients of 50+ health systems on digital innovation opportunities as well as assisted hundreds of digital healthcare start-ups on business development and market positioning. In addition to working with the commercial market, Qing has also previously led software builds with the US Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery through her role as a health system engineer at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab.