Malaz Boustani, MD, MPH

As the Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Boustani has extensive experience in developing, evaluating, implementing, and disseminating healthcare innovations. Founding the Center for Health Innovation and Implementation Science at Indiana University and serving as the Chief Innovation and Implementation Officer, Dr. Boustani is starting a revolution aimed to change the way we innovate in healthcare.

His recent book, Agile Implementation, co-authored by the Chief Engagement Officer of Blue Agilis, Dr. Jose Azar, details the underlying theories and frameworks that explain health delivery systems and lays out the 8 steps of the Agile Implementation Model.

In addition to his extensive experience in innovation, Dr. Boustani has published 160+ peer-reviewed publications in the areas of brain health, delirium, dementia, and other geriatric and neuroscience topics. His Aging Brain Care model in primary care has become the standard of brain care across the world.

Blue Agilis Team