We are dedicated to the future of healthcare.

Agile transformation doesn't stop at 5PM. We are a team of passionate individuals that will not accept the status quo.

A team with history of Making a Difference

We work with payers, health systems, and provider networks to create the future of healthcare. The Blue Agilis team is made up of physician-scientists, clinicians, population health experts, and technologists who are all dedicated to the future of healthcare.

At the core of what we do is a human-centric approach.

Our co-founders spent decades developing the Agile Transformation framework, testing it and refining it in their own clinical work at Indiana University School of Medicine. Success in the Great Lakes Practice Transformation Network (GLPTN) became the pinnacle moment when our co-founder knew our methodology worked on scale and can revolutionize healthcare as we know it.

Today, we are proud to continue innovating on our products through evidence-based methodology.

Meet Our Co-founders and Advisors

Nadia Adams, MHA
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Malaz Boustani, MD, MPH
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Jose Azar, MD
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Sandeep Allam
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Feroz Syed
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