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VBC Practice Assessment

Better understand your practices and where they are in their journey from Fee-for-Service to success in Risk.

Access the only proprietary and validated tool to assess practice maturity and ensure success in VBC contracts. BA VBC Practice Assessment has been validated across 2,200+ practices and 15,000+ providers.

This tool identifies the root cause of performance gaps and auto-generates key interventions to move providers to the next level.

Assess clinical workflows in eight domains:
Risk Adjustment
Patient Engagement
Cost of Care
Data Driven Quality-Improvement
Medical Neighborhood
Health Equity
“Using the BA Practice Assessment Tool, it taught me to meet our providers where they are in their value based care journey. Taking this approach with each of them allowed me to take a step back and understand the dynamics of my providers.”
- Care Consultant Sr. RN, Large National Payer

Surfacing value opportunities

Providers and payers across the nation are redefining traditional transformation. The Blue Agilis Practice Assessment benchmarks clinical operations against a validated set of capabilities that identifies value opportunities to address performance gaps. Assessment results are paired with our propriety contracts evaluation tool to provide a Total Opportunity Matrix that expands past traditional transformation solution sets.

Engage Clinicians the Right Way

We are here to change the story on the payer-provider relationship. Our stakeholder analysis brings your team closer to engaging with the right stakeholders to reduce burnout. The Blue Agilis platform surfaces tailored approaches based on provider preferences and office workflows.

Intelligent Technology

AI-guided platform that gives you AI-generated solutions to all of healthcare’s complex challenges. Intervention planning is made easy through our AI-enabled intervention-planning process with auto-generated key drivers, leading measures that providers can control, and ability to refine results with each use.
Our Platform

Provider satisfaction

Become a true partner to provider groups by becoming the transformation experts they need.

Achieve contract goals

Localize solutions to move any practice into a VBC high performer that can deliver quality care to members. 

Increase profitability

Take the guess work out of which interventions will move your metrics and how to implement them. 

Use evidence-based best practices

Stay the forefront of best practices and understand them with ease through simplified minimum standard operating procedures (MSOPs).

Rapidly transform Value-Based operations in a scalable way

Scale best practices across your network with results that sustain in the long term.

network management

Gain confidence that your provider network will met metric goals year after year.

Trusted in Transformation

Improved metrics for your providers and patients.
A blue ribbon with an icon of a EKG readout and an exclamation point inside of it.
Reduction in unnecessary ED utilization
$1 Billion
A blue ribbon with the icon of a coin falling into an open hand.
In cost savings to CMS
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Point Improvement in NPS Scores
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PMPM cost-savings for engaged practices
Use our solution to make improvements in:

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