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An AI-enabled platform built with healthcare change makers in mind.

Assess your VBC Maturity

Blue Agilis has the only proprietary and validated tool to assess practice maturity and readiness to deliver success in VBC arrangements.

BA VBC Practice Assessment has been validated across 2,200+ practices and 15,000+ providers.

We meet providers with where they are at in their VBC journey and localize solutions to help them achieve high performance within their constraints:

1. Insight into practices’ VBC maturity level in six competency areas.

2. Auto-generate key interventions to move you to the next phase

3. Choose from easy, medium, hard effort levels to match the provider's availability of resources to implement changes

4. Track how interventions are going and see their impact on annual contract goals

Available for primary care and specialty care practices.

A platform mockup showing our proprietary Practice Assessment Tool.
A platform mockup showing our persona card system.

Did you Know engaged providers can generate 5x PMPM Returns?

Healthcare is the business of humans treating humans.
Let’s go back to seeing our clinical teams as humans rather than numbers on a production line.

We enable clinical improvement teams to be expert partners in communicating, engaging, and working with providers and their clinical staff.

Engagement tools on the Blue Agilis platform nudge users to engage with an individual based on their archetype and generate demand with clinical teams building stronger relationships that influence provider practice patterns.


Scaling with Agile Transformation

Rapidly transform clinical operations in a scalable way with results that sustain in the long term.

Capture of local workflow, team structures, patient populations, and constraints.
Every practice, provider, and clinical team is unique, we acknowledge this. Local uniqueness shouldn’t stop you from achieving high performance.
Auto-populated sprint planning process
Reduce planning time and take the guess-work out of which interventions will move your metrics and how to implement them.
Minimum viable operating procedures
Our solutions avoid over-standardization by identifying minimum viable non-negotiable elements in care models.
A floating trinity of purple and green sparkling diamonds with the icon of a neural network embedded into the central gem.

AI-Generated Insights

Our AI-guided platform gives you AI-generated solutions to all of healthcare’s complex challenges.

Intervention planning is made easy through our AI-enabled sprint planning process with auto-generated key drivers, leading measures that providers can control, and the ability to refine results with each use.

Our technology will tag the effort level required based on the capacity your team has.

Decreases the amount work your team has to produce to get to the result. Your team can go back to focusing on what matters most: spending time with the clinical teams in implementing solutions.


Evidence-Based Interventions

Always stay at the forefront of best practices with our Smart Solutions Search.

We take the academic-speak out of academic papers and provide a ready-to-use roadmap on how to implement the solutions in your local environment.

Our solutions avoid over-standardization by identifying minimal viable non-negotiable elements in care models.

A platform mockup showcasing our Smart Solution Search
A platform mockup showing an Admin Dashboard.

Management System and Reporting

Do you ever wonder that the activities that your teams are leading to the right results?

Activities are aligned with the outcomes that you are trying to achieve.


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