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Agile Innovation to transform healthcare: innovating in complex adaptive systems is an everyday process, not a light bulb event.

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Design, implement, and diffuse scalable and sustainable solutions for dementia care.

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The value of an 'Agile' mindset in times of crisis

Optimizing the Medical Discovery to Delivery Translational Cycle

Developing the Agile Implementation Playbook for Integrating Evidence-Based Health Care Services Into Clinical Practice

Critical Care Recovery Center: a model of agile implementation in intensive care unit (ICU) survivors

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An Alternative Payment Model To Support Widespread Use Of Collaborative Dementia Care Models

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State of Science: Bridging the Science-Practice Gap in Aging, Dementia and Mental Health

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Agile Implementation: A Blueprint for Implementing Evidence-Based Healthcare Solutions

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Healthy Aging Brain Center Improved Care Coordination And Produced Net Savings

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Implementing innovative models of dementia care: The Healthy Aging Brain Center

Selecting a change and evaluating its impact on the performance of a complex adaptive health care delivery system

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Effectiveness of Collaborative Care for Older Adults With Alzheimer Disease in Primary Care

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