February 23, 2022

Letter from the CEO

Blue Agilis
Transformation [tran(t)s-fər-ˈmā-shən] Noun
A metamorphosis into an improved state of being

To my fellow healthcare change agents,

I would like to take a moment to thank you for all you do. Making change can be hard, but our healthcare system needs you!

I know this firsthand as I’ve spent my entire career trying to make healthcare better for all. Fueled by my personal experiences with preventable medical harm and inspired by the stories of many patients and family members who felt lost, frustrated, and didn’t know where to turn, I’ve made it my personal mission to do everything I can to fundamentally shift the status quo of how we deliver care.

A year ago we launched Blue Agilis with the vision of taking proven, evidence-based solutions and rapidly scaling these interventions to help practices succeed in alternative payment environments. In just one year, our team has worked with 3 major healthcare players to do just that. We’ve deployed our Agile Transformation toolset to help our partners accelerate their journey to success where they’ve been able to experience quick wins in quality, cost, health outcomes, as well as improved experiences for both patients and frontline clinicians.

We have felt the exorbitant pressures that our health care professionals face in delivering care these last two years. I invite you on this journey with us as the need to transform is more urgent than ever. The Blue Agilis team is ready to take on the challenges and make healthcare human again.

We credit our success to all of the healthcare movers and shakers who continue to believe that we are the future of healthcare.

In service and gratitude,

Nadia Adams

President and CEO